Watercolor Agapanthas and Ink with watercolor palette and Floral book with photo of agapanthas

I am really trying to take time this year to take classes and learning new things.  While some are stand alone paid courses and others are quick online free tutorials, I am finding my Skillshare membership has the most value for money for art and tech courses. (And I have no affiliation with them).  

Back in February, I saw Ohn Mar Win's course "Organic Expressive Florals with Watercolor and Ink" and put it in my queue.  I love following her Instagram feed with fresh illustrations and unique sketchbooks while using all sorts mixed media.  I received a Winsor & Newton Calligraphy set and a Phaidon Flower Color Guide for my Birthday in January; I was ready!image of phaidon flower color guide and winsor newton calligraphy pen and ink

The class was great, Ohn Mar Win's teaching style is nurturing and full of ideas, inspiration and information.  I found the process really suited me and painting flowers in February helped my spirits that were ready for spring. I know I need to practice to improve, so I set a goal to paint one flower a day for the month on 5x7 paper and see what happened.  

I used a Fabriano 5x7 watercolor block, the calligraphy set, brushes from Princeton and DaVinci and mainly Daniel Smith Watercolors with some Winsor & Newton Sap Green.  (All from Blick Art Materials)

photo of watercolor block of paper, watercolor paint in tubes, brushes, calligraphy ink and pen and pallet

When February was finished, I had 36 new floral paintings. I scanned them into my computer and did a little editing and have loads to play with.  Initially, I added a light wash in the background and wrote the flowers name (I obviously need to take a calligraphy lettering course).  Towards the end, I kept things very minimal, which I preferred.

 Watercolor Floral painting of Sweet Pea flowers out lined in inkWatercolor Floral painting of Lupine flowers out lined in inkWatercolor Floral painting of Epindendrum flowers out lined in inkWatercolor Floral painting of Birds of Paradise flowers out lined in inkWatercolor Floral painting of Cornflowers out lined in inkWatercolor Floral painting of Zinnia flowers out lined in ink

A lot of people commented they would make great notecards or prints so this month I got to work and here are some samples: 

Watercolor Floral notecards with Cornflower, sunflowers and Freesia and ink pen of Sweet Pea flowers with envelopes

I also did some framed print mock ups and how fun are these?  Bringing all the color to your home!  All of these are in my store now.

framed floral watercolor prints in a group of 8 over a breakfast coffee station

Framed watercolor floral prints in a group of 4 all in shades of purple3 framed yellow floral watercolor prints in a a living room with a yellow arm chair and table


So 10/10 for Ohn Mar Win's Organic Expressive Florals with Watercolor and Ink 

If you're looking to start painting or wanting some inspiration, check out some classes, there are so many! 

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